Thursday, May 9, 2013

Lets be Frank.


Hello citizens of the world. Lets all be Frank.

As you all know, the election for Malaysia just ended, and yes everyone suddenly cares because pakatan lost and bn apparently cheated blablabla. Just so you know, I am not writing to bad mouth about our current government nor support the never ending battle from segala yang sama waktu dengannya.

I am writing as a normal human being. From a third party point of view. *Because honestly I dont want to lose my job.

NOOOLAH. Kidding. This is me. And I bet there are many out there who are thinking exactly what I am thinking, but just do not give a care to voice out their opinion or is too busy playing Candy Crush. You know who you are.

Let me be Frank. Cause frankly being frank is the only way to be frank about this. Get it. I made a joke.

Moving oooooooooooon.

The results indicated that BN won by 40 something percent and Pakatan won by 50 something percent. So now certain people are angry because they are wondering how come 40 is bigger than 50. Brother's and sister's. Let sit down and do some Mathematics first. All of us know (I hope), that Pakatan is made out of three parties. So this 50 percent is distributed among these 3. So the percentage might as well be 20,20,10 or whatever. So kesimpulannya, BN still wins la cause they are 1 not 3 like Pakatan. Masalah diselesaikan. But anyway, they said BN cheated and Pakatan was still suppose to win. 'They' said ar not me!

As most of ya'll know, history was made yesterday at Kelana Jaya (yeah man aku orang KJ), and till  now Malaysian's statisctics punya orang have no idea how to do calculations to estimate the amount of people who were there yesterday. Some say 50,000, some say double; 120 000, some say 1 million. Hello peeps, you know 120 000 is double of 50,000 kan? So how can the estimation lari that much huh?

Anyway, the point is, it's great to see that us Malaysians can still put all our differences aside and come together to create history. I, as the person on the fence was only interested in going to see what it was all about. Due to bad traffic and bad weather, I changed my mind and decided to just witness the event than to be a part of it. I did my research, I asked people who went, who did not, what they thought about the whole epic event. They all have their reason, and I'm glad that it had to do with the whole 'UBAH' concept. That's great. BUT WHYLAH ada orang yang pergi dengan batman suit pulak. Reduces the seriousness of all these people's efforts yo.

Like I said, not gonna take sides and judge, but the venue could have been better. I really pity the stretch of cars that were stuck in LDP , Sunway heading Damansara just because we Malaysians are being the typical Malaysians, sampai can park on the highway. I am not talking about a couple of minutes jam. I am talking about people who are stuck, not moving, leaving their cars just like that and start walking. What if, there's a pregnant woman or a dying citizen on that stretch?  Our actions can indirectly cause lives. I know everyone is excited, being part of a humongous crowd, feeling like your part of something that matters, but let's not forget our common courtesy.

Malaysia has gone a long way. We use to be the minority to others. We stood together united and fought for our independence. Honestly, I like seeing people from my grandparents time. These people were true Malaysians. People always come together only when they have a reason to. Like last time, it was for independence, and the effects were obvious. When people experience a certain event or tragedy together, they are automatically bonded forever, and that is why our grandparents or maybe our parents generation was way difference from what we are  now.

I grew up at my grandparents, their neighbours were both Chinese and Malay. Every Hari Raya, I would be at 'Nenek's house to no avail. Every Chinese New Year I would be whacking cookies at 'Aunty Chew's house. They all conversed in Bahasa Melayu. And then comes Deepavali, same story lah. We all treated each other without seeing colour nor race. That was satu Malaysia for me. As time went by, we forgot the struggles that they made and got used to the comfort of our own lives and cultural practices. We ignore each other, we click more with people from our own races and end up comparing and insulting others. I do not blame anyone, I am only stating the fact. The fact that we are human and we do act according to human nature.

What has happened in this recent time being, is definitely a tragedy, a crisis; as Malaysia's peace is disrupted. I do not like this, no one does, but what to do, we are no longer blinded by everything that has been happening for the past 50 years or so. Thanks tooooooooooooo, honestly, Facebook.

People like me do not read the newspaper. People like me bangun pagi, bukak handphone scroll Facebook baca latest news, and then gosok gigi. With all the negativity going on, who won't be influence. I won't be surprised that half the people who support Pakatan does so because of the influence of Facebook and social media. A friend who did not even know who was the prime minister of Malaysia last month was marching towards the stadium yesterday. Friends, the power of Facebook (and other social media/internet/blablabla of course).

So anyway, the reason I am writing this is because I came back home from work early and I am waiting for my microwave to beep to indicate that my food is ready.

It's great to see that people are ready for change. I like change. But let's take it slow and steady, most importantly let's make it peaceful. I am too lazy to apply for migration.


Food's ready. Stay safe everyone, fight for what YOU believe in, not what other's tell you to.


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

5 signs you're old..or getting there.haha.

5. When you have to file your income tax. 

HOMAIGAWD LAH. bad enuf i have to pay it, i also need to file it? like how? too many forms and too much info that i myself am not aware off..=_= 

AND you actually bitch about the fact that all that income tax is being used to print fancy flags for certain people to make my neighbourhood look like a slum. well done!

4. When everyone is no longer asking you about ur studies. They're asking about marriage.

Marriage. That's cool at least there's a diamond and a pretty dress involved.

"So when are you gonna have a kid?" <- b="">that's my limit
. *Pretends to answer a fake phonecall* "Sorry, important call that i need to answer".

3. When you're reminiscing about how much cooler the black and white tetris gaming thing is better and "more awesome" compared to anything on the ipad.

yea. we all defend mario, sonic the hedgehog and pokemon.

2. When ur tired. All the time. Even after 12 hours of sleep. 

In school, the engine runs just fine on 5 hours of sleep. Was amazingly enough to last 6 hours of class time, after school interact club meeting followed by editorial board meeting followed by preparing the crap for prefect meeting the next day followed by larian lebuhraya training followed by chemistry tuition and then settling addmathsfiziksbiochemsasterasejarahmoral homework. amazing i tell u. 

now its wake up = deadzombie.

1. When you're in bed by 1am. Even on weekend nites. Sorry la, but in uni... when the azan berkumandang, that was my cue to sleep. 

2 hours later - gets up for 9am class. raybans + redbull. awesome life.

Sekian dan salam satu malaysia.

On a side note, the lahad datu thing, is PISSING ME OFFF.


Thursday, June 28, 2012

children are an 'investment"

children are an investment.
children are pure of heart.
children never lie.
children are god's gift.


LET ME TELL YOU WHAT CHILDREN REALLY ARE. they are devil's in disguise. why? let me tell you why.

yes you spend thousands of dollars educating your children. top universities lah, overseas education lah, music class lah, cooking class lah , blablabla.and for what? so after their graduation ceremony, a few weeks later they tell you that they dont wana work anymore cause they wana get married, make you spend your money somemore on their wedding, then they migrate to another country and leave you with 50 cents for your retirement plan.

dahlah you pokai, must spend your balance cash on superman tshirt and pokemon balls. they play for 5 days then its at the back of some cupboard somewer. then wan new toy pulak.

3) THEY CRY. its like pontianak harum sundal malam. s
creaaaaaaaam shouttttttt banggggggggg run around then... fall>cry somemore. hehjo. go shopping mall you see parents wrestling with their children to shut up cause they decided to mop the floor of the mall my rolling all around. community service it seems.

they do stupid stuff. think about unnecessary stuff. leave sticky things everywhere. break everything. talk nonsense. get involved with stupid things and stupid people. take your stuff without asking and its never to be seen again.

5) THEY START OUT LOOKING CUTE, THEN THE CHEAT AND END UP UGLY. babies are cute. like so freaking cute. with their small nose and small mouth and small hands and small everything. then one day they are bigger than you. and you cant push them around anymore. they get so fat, they eat all your food and leave your fridge empty. then they wear your clothes and ruin them with chocolate stains.


i want to be sticky. i wana wipe poo. i wana touch that small nose everyday. let me tell you why children may be a good investment. IF YOU DO IT RIGHT.

they follow you everywhere. and they eat whatever you give them with happy faces. you can ask them to go play and they wont bother you. you can drag them for family functions so that you wont get bored. they make lame jokes and get them to do all your dirty work.overall they can be pretty entertaining. IF YOU DO IT RIGHT.

you get presents!. ugly tie, useless things. but you get cards. and i love cards! they always say they love you and you can make them say i love you if they want something from you . nothing can be happier then getting an 'i love you' from adorable kids. IF YOU DO IT RIGHT.

you get cute grandchildren that you can spoil and bounce around. they are so cute and the best part is you would probably be dead before they start getting old and screwing up your life.

they look after you when you're old so you dont get stuck at an old folks home. they pay for your medication and bring you for holidays and cook you food. everything is freeee! so you can spend your retirement money gambling, playing mahjong with the other aunties in town and bribing your grandchildren.

and all of this is only if you DO IT RIGHT. dont expect to get mother theresa as your daughter if you're a drunkard, abuse your children and be permissive towards them. dont have kids if you dont want them, you will just end up resenting them and blaming them for all the mistakes in your life, not a very good environment for your children ey.
nevertheless, not all turns out bad. there are still those with halo's above their heads.

' children are an investment, if you know where to put your "money" you will get amazing returns!


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Epic Drivers : Msian Drivers.

Malaysian drivers. are very creative. The type of creative that inspires strangling.

5 Reasons.

No. 1 - Junction retards
(This inspired me to write the post)
Ever get stuck in a jam...queue in one street for a fking half and hour or more only to exit at a junction to NO JAM AT ALL?

yea. if msian drivers will learn how to not wait until the road is perfectly clear before the move, we will all be wasting less of our precious youth stuck in traffic.

You see? =_=

No. 2 - Signal lights
Are not there for decoration.
Ever found yourself waiting to cross a road... you see a car coming against u.. so u wait for it to pass.. when suddenly - they turn the corner.

BLADY if ur gonna turn, let ppl know laaa!dont be such an ass!!

No. 3 - Taxi drivers
Most of the assiest drivers come from this clan.
No disrespect towards the job but they are kinda creating a name for themselves.
They drive like ass. Park like ass. Stop like ass. And rip people off like ass.
They die die also will not let you in a lane.

Somewhere in KL yesterday: Taxi parked in the middle of the road. Coz he's looking at his 4D numbers. Moments when u just dont know what to say.or think.=__=

No.4 - Fast lane hoggers who drive at 50km/h.
The fast lane is called the FAST lane for a reason. But nooo..msians must prove over and over again that we drive like ass coz there's always this one bugger who will be on the fast lane driving so slow and doesnt take hints.

*FLASH FLASH FLASH FLASH* but nooo..still doesnt move. so the whole road in front of him is clear. and the rest of us are STUCK behind.

No. 5 -  Fancy shmansy car owners.
Think that just because they drive very nais expensive cars, everyone must give way to them.
I don't care if you drive a BMW 7 series or a Merc S class or an Audi TT (Altho i LOVE this car). It doesnt mean ur any better and im not gonna fking give way.

 In fact, usually the more big and expensive the car is, the more crap they are as a driver. =D

This last bit i just find really funny. Msians in their pimped up crap proton. Modified to install DAM big exhaust pipes. dam alot of crappy stickers. all the unnecessary ferris wheel lights. a spoiler higher than the roof. and also a very VERY loud sound system. Driving slowly past mamaks polluting the environment with the mix of their bad music and exhaust pipe farts.

There is nothing cool about any of those stuff. So if ur reading this and ur offended, you should be. Coz no body likes seeing it or hearing it. Just so you know.=)

K baiiii. =D

Sunday, March 4, 2012



so its been awhile, a very long while, but the year 2012 is here and we are yet to be prepared for the upcoming doom of the world. If the prophecy is correct, the world shall end drastically on the 22nd of December 2012, at that time the three of us will die at the exact age of 23, 22 and 21. Not that you all care but since its a free blog i shall say what ever i want to say and you shall read what ever that is here for you to read ;D

okay class, today's lesson will be about our wonderful, splendiful, beautiful Malaysian citizens and their unconscious obsession about shopping malls.

If you are one of those lucky souls who lives in petaling jaya, kelana jaya or what ever jaya jaya near kuala lumpur , you are lucky winner number one cause youre in central hell of shopping paradise but the biggest loser for being a driver who needs 30 minutes to pass a 500 meter driveway during rush hour. Life is quite a balance you see.


not that i admit not being a fan as well, but im not one of those people who:
wana buy battery for torchlight - go midvalley
wana but pad for period- go guardian sunway pyramid
wana eat nasi goreng-. go food court one utama
HELLO. never heard of mamak uncle stationary shop or kedai makanan china tepi jalan ka

since every abdullah, samy and leong is opening a shopping mall (upcoming quay shopping mall and paradigm), sikit sikit lama lama bukit kita tumbuh balik hutan sebab takde orang mau pergi.

as for me, i live in kelana jaya, keluar masuk main road, turn left go straight-; sunway pyramid
turn right go straight-; one utama
145 degrees go straight-; giant mall
pusing sikit-; tropicana city mall

how to avoid you tell me! dahlah weather dam hot and dam hard to find parking! i have even entered a shopping mall carpark just to sleep for one hour then come out. life.

anyway few years time, taman titiwangsa will be like a museum, you stand outside and look inside, and take pictures with caption " me next to taman in k.l''. chantekkk.

nowdays 3 year old babies in baby carriages carry ipad, playing games while sucking pacifier. as for me im staring at them trying to get my phone to unjam so i can send message to my mum asking her to come fetch me in one hour. WHY GOD WHY.

this is definitely a battle between by id and ego. whereas my superego makan chili pedas, pergi tandas cirit birit,

conflict fail!!

plus,people of he world, just pick a colour of crocs and buy them already, its like walking on fluffy clouds i tell you.

the women in black starring our beloved harry , daniel radcliffe is a must watch. go cinema close your face and watch.

may the force be with you.k bai bai.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

you think we died?

yeah. we sleep alot.

so here's a tribute to sleep.

people say "you'll sleep forever when you're dead".

but what if, in fact, when you're dead, you can't sleep?

now, that would be a shame.

the first thing we think about when we get up in the morning is how many more hours its gonna take b4 we're back in bed again.

pillows. fluffy blankets. teddy bears.

if u rly tink about it, nothing gets better than that.

not vodka.

not ice cream.

not cookies.

not sex.

ok maybe sex.

k baiii.=D

Sunday, June 12, 2011


i KNOW what ur doing. FUCK.YOU. i hope you eternally suffer in hell.


Monday, April 18, 2011



Thursday, February 17, 2011

5 reasons why vtines isnt worth celebrating

im all in for love and all that crap. but i dont celebrate vtines. let me explain the fiziks of why valentines is pointless.

1. i dont get the concept of showing extra love on that one day in a year. n technically if ur hving a great rship, and of coz a WONDERFUL boyfriend/girlfriend, you'll feel valentined all year long. =D (which feels great btw =D)

so if ur one of those whu expects extra on feb 14th... ESPECIALLY when that one day costs 3 times more than the ordinary price. there's something wrong with u.

2. almost everyone is doing the same thing. well in kl anyway. coz really theres ntg much to do in kl. so what do u do?the usual city ppl ting. dress up to go to a mall - walk around aimlessly - have a fancy dinner at a VERY EXPENSIVE price with a fixed menu - watch a movie - sex. difference is the girl will make a bloody big fuss if u dont get an awesome present with a bouquet of at least a dozen flowers and of course, some form of chocolate.

so valentines = normal date + roses chocolates present. whats the point of all the fuss again?

some do more interesting tings like picnics n stuff. thats fine. but MOST ppl were doing the routine above.

3. in a year ... you have new year.. vtines.. birthday.. anniversary.. xmas/cny/raya/deepavali .. for your specific other, those dates above represent cash outflow. most of them MAJOR CASH OUTFLOWS. anniversary n birthday is usually financial collatoral damage for a couple of months.

valentines is like a "misery loves company" ting. already broke from lets say a birthday, wana layan vtines summore. if ur an ordinary budget constrained type of young adult like us, money doesnt exactly come like rain. actually it doesnt even drizzle much. we need breaks in between to have a life..u know.. to survive.. to financially recover..

point is vtines is the cause of extra unneeded pointless financial damage.

4. valentines is a day where couples dig out all their coupley stuff. matching tshirts... tshirts with messages linking to each other.. matching watches.. matching rings.. matching bags.. matching shoelaces.. matching coloured contact lens.. some couples use all of one go. yea they're like retarded-dead fashion sense-siamese twins.

do u see how ugly those tshirts are?

Omg ppl if u guys were holding hands, you really din need all that to prove that you're a couple.
AND there's an overload of couples everywhere..makes u go like.. where were all of them hiding all this while??=S kinda sickening actually.

5. We now have the ISA looking out for us during valentines. this point ends here.haha.

btw ppl... sex on the highway.. come on have a lil bit of class la. u get killed nvm.dont la get other innocent ppl killed coz ur driving while getting a blowjob.=_=

ok a totally unrelated point.. i dno y i suddenly thought of this guy. u remmbr alfonso d albuquerque?hes one of those portugese guys in our sejarah text book loonngg ago.

im trying to figure out.. how were we supposed to know at that time that his name is prounounced as al-ber-ker-ky? i remmber having a good laugh when we were all trying to pronounce his name thinking we were right but dead wrong.haha.

k lame imma stop now.

hope the vtines sex was ggrreeaatt. =D

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


hello is time for someone either than carmen to make a post.some indian words of wisdom dan segala yang sama waktu dengannya.
so.look at the calendar,your phone or your ipod,and see what month it is.if you dont have anyone of those look at the stars and if you paid attention in standard 5 science class you will be able to tell the month.or wait is that the north south east west thing?


so its that time of year not where you get presents,but to
the more important stuff,where you become broke and by the time of new years eve you friends call you out and you say 'sorry macha no money im going out with my parents cause they pay for everything:D"

FOR THOSE OF you who do that, its either you dont appreciate your parents, your indian or youre just pure genius and should really consider doing business in the future.

TIME IS FLYING SO textbooks should change their text ;
which one moves faster: sound or lightiNG

hello isnt the answer TIME?

ok lame but im bored, im studying and for the past one hour all i have read about is sexual dysfunctions and people with weird disorders.

let me share some of my current intake of knowledge:


THIS IS SO GROSS MAN.some males face sexual dysfunction like where their penis's canot erect.ok thats normal u have definitely heard of this.but how t
o you solve the doing Penile prosthesis.yes gentlemen and gentlemen, this is a S O L U T I O N whereby you go for operation and they put a metal part in your dick which is connected to some strings and a pump with when you wana have sex, you just bend the wire up and HELLO YOU HAVE A ERECTED PENIS.TAADAAA.and if you wana be more natural about it there is a WATER pump that is placed IN YOUR BALLS, YOU pump it and again TAAADAAAA...your dick goes up slowly, naturally. and when you are done having sex you can casually bend it back into its original position and it s
eems like a normal dick during history class.SUCCESS.HUMANS ARE GENIUSES I TELL YOU TO COME UP WITH THINGS LIKE THIS.

just some foundation information for you.
sadism is a sexual gratification through infliction of pain or humiliation on others.
masochism is sexual gratification through infliction of pain or humiliation on one self.

so there are relationships formed based on this.AND IT HAS A NAME.the sadomasochistic relationship. wherby of them injures and the other receives the injury and they are both absolutely totally happy about it that they are sexually aroused and seek intercourse and achieve orgasm.YAY.


humans are evolving as years go bye.i think the world is ending at 2012 not cause of natural disasters, but because by then we humans would have learned to eat each other and we will all eat each other all all die 2012.
omg studying is so boring.

ok bye.

where's my birthday present!!

Patient driver.NOT.

driving is one of the most stressful activities in the world.

msia.i love.
but the drivers.... "first class".
pls.sense the sarcasm. by first class i meant CRAP.

topic 1: creative drivers.
(double/triple/creative parking.road signs are purely for decoration.)

this group consists of the jokers who never cease to amaze me with the way they park. 2 lane road. almost 3/4 of the 2 lanes is blocked by parked cars.
my nice lunch hour is screwed up coz of the idiot whu keeps honking n the bigger idiot who triple parked his car.

even better..the jokers who park their cars in front of an empty parking lot.WHY WOULD U DO DAT? is it just funny to do such a ting ar?
"oh yay all the parking is full and i c one place but i dont wana park in it so i'll park in front of it!take that mafakers!"

msians love going against every road sign.
i tink if the road officials want people NOT to turn into a road, they should put a sign stating "sila masuk" instead of "dilarang masuk".

topic 2: people who shouldnt be on the road.
(old uncles on the road.most female (especially aunty) drivers.slow drivers on the fast lane.)

no offence to old people. much respect to them and all.but allowing them to walk itself is dangerous.

and we still have really old ppl driving. i can understand sm of them need to.
but its dangerous not only to them but to everyone around them.
everytime ur in a rush, one old uncle confirm will appear in front of u.=_=


slow drivers=bad enough
slow drivers on the fast lane=!@#$%^&.

there's a reason its the FAST lane. its not for u to drive SLOW.
in fact, its the total opposite! so to all the slow drivers who have all the time in the world, well good for u but pls stay the hell off the fast lane! some ppl actually drive faster than 20km/h. =_=

topic 3: those who are just DYING to die.
( drivers.backside followers or tailgaters.)

these idiots ( drivers).
u wana keep them alive.
they keep trying to do otherwise.
u give them space, they want the whole road.
traffic light red, they go flying ahead.
taxi drivers need to learn the fact that spending alot of time on the road doesnt mean they own it.
motorcyclist need to realise that they can actually easily.

and we're all dying to just knock them down due to their idiotic riding if it weren't for the law that states "any accident involving a motorcyclist, the car driver is at fault".

owh and to all the idiot mafaking backside followers... BACK OFF LA BELARDY!
theres no space in front!if i cant move any faster how the hell am i gonna be able to let u move any faster?!u sticking to my cars ass aint gona do anything!

but one fine day when the birds are singing and the rainbow is above me,

=D all the best to u. ur gona hv to pay me.=D

topic 4: those I WANNA KILL
(dumass rich i got nice car so i own the road drivers, those who cause traffic jams due to NO REASON AT ALL.uneducated use of signal lights.kiasu drivers.)

note to rich dickfaces who own nice cars.
just coz its a mercedes or a bmw doesnt mean that you can drive like a complete ass.
one day, when i dont love my teddy so much anymore, i'll just decide to make a lovely accident with u.

have u ever been in a situation where you see the road ahead of the car in front of you is clear. smooth traffic.BUT YET u are stuck in a jam. then all of a sudden... THERES NO JAM.theres no reason to it!! ayo i tell u the idiots who cause these kinda situations ar...dno wat shit they have as brains man.

are meant to pre indicate where u wana turn.
why so many people only turn it on AFTER they've turned is beyond me.
n those idiots who dont use it..make u wait at a junction wondering if hes turning or not...*u wonder..u wonder..u waitt..n waitt..*
then he turns. then u go MAHAII AHH.

kiasu drivers.
let ppl into lanes laa!omg letting in one extra car aint gona delay u for an hour.=S
some drivers knw u wana join their lane..n they immediately accelerate to stick to the car in front.n then give that smug look like they've won something great.

if i didnt love my car so much, i'd scratch yours.


we're lovely people.seriously.=D

Monday, November 29, 2010

screw ups

life can be good.
and can also be a real bitch.

some mornings are great.
some mornings we wake up on the wrong side of the bed.

joke is...hvnt u noticed that when the day starts never seems to get btr.for that one day at least.

u knw the whole "wake up late, stub toe on wall, slip on soap in bathroom, overburned toast, accident+traffic jam or puchong toll (if ur a puchong resident, u'll undrstand this pain), justin bieber on radio, starts to rain, late for class..etc etc." routine.

other than those conventional ones, some tings make it MUCH worse.


wake up.straight kena nag.from whichever parent.

gives a whole different meaning to "fire up ur morning".

its like an immediate mood destroyer. u can wake up with the "A NEW DAY TIME TO SING TO THE BEES AND DANCE WITH THE DAISIES" mode... get the *nag*....and become *FK WHY WAS I EVER BORNED".


having to wake up early.

i HATE waking up early.

did i mention HATE?
as in the "i need 4 alarms to wake up type H.A.T.E"?

(Garfield rox!)
ok.i tink its clear i HATE waking up early.
i can do nights.late late nights.
just not mornings.

when ur going to sleep at "nite"..knowing hw early u need to wake up the next morning..
thats already a bad morning.coz if u can relate to the sentence above, u'll b sleepin at 3am when u need to get up at 6am.=D



cold towels.
i personally HATE cold towels.

like u know the soggy feeling of it. feels so dam its all mossy.

another great way to bust ur day.=D

these are the good stuff. warm hot hotel type towels.=D


cold showers.
this is probably worse than number 3.
cold showers.
where do i begin with my passion for hating cold showers...
actually...cold showers are bad any time of the day.
it makes u turn into a prune coz its so cold.
you go in it and get shocked to life.i like gentle wake ups la u know.

not only does it turn u into a prune, it dements ur brain n body for as least 5 seconds.
and u end up shivering out of the bathroom.
into a previously airconditioned bedroom.


things that will then heighten your blood pressure,
traffic jam.=D

things that may ease the burden:

yummy breakfast.

good song playing on the radio.

which ur unlikely to get coz like i said, a bad wake up has its consequences.
chain reaction.

life is tough la.


btw..hv u ever wondered y parents always tell u "go bathe?" when they know it'll take u ages to move?


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

bad breath

once upon a time,
i encountered something that changed a "lets make out" feeling
into a "omfgifucomeaninchclosertomeisweari'llkillyou" feeling.

bad breath, ladies and gentlemen.
is the cause of that.

if there's one form of advertising that actually tells the truth, its chewing gum ads.
u know the ones that show girls running away from guys with bad breath.

you know how farts are bad?
at least when u fart in public...u can cock stare another person bside u to make it look like its his or her fault.
but bad comes straight from ur face.and if u say something like "its her not me",
uve automatically pleaded guilty.

im comparing farts to bad breathe coz theyre both pretty gross.
ting is sometimes farts are odorless.
bad breath..can never be odorless.its always bad.duh.

when u have bad breath, no matter how nice u are, ppl will keep a distance from u.unless their alot taller than u. or their wearing a mask. or they have bad sinus problems which cause them not to be able to breath thru their nose.

this is a fact, coz i had a fren once who was DAMM nice but had breath that smells like a salty sweaty ass. n im sory to say this but talking to him was...
barf inducing.

so yea. to ppl with bad breath, dont worry about recycling.or saving the animals. or saving money for you retirement.
until u eat gum or mint sweets. or keep listerin in ur bag =D or brush ur teeth every hour.

coz till u do all that, ur causing 2012.

its worth it.kissing is fun.=D