Thursday, May 9, 2013

Lets be Frank.


Hello citizens of the world. Lets all be Frank.

As you all know, the election for Malaysia just ended, and yes everyone suddenly cares because pakatan lost and bn apparently cheated blablabla. Just so you know, I am not writing to bad mouth about our current government nor support the never ending battle from segala yang sama waktu dengannya.

I am writing as a normal human being. From a third party point of view. *Because honestly I dont want to lose my job.

NOOOLAH. Kidding. This is me. And I bet there are many out there who are thinking exactly what I am thinking, but just do not give a care to voice out their opinion or is too busy playing Candy Crush. You know who you are.

Let me be Frank. Cause frankly being frank is the only way to be frank about this. Get it. I made a joke.

Moving oooooooooooon.

The results indicated that BN won by 40 something percent and Pakatan won by 50 something percent. So now certain people are angry because they are wondering how come 40 is bigger than 50. Brother's and sister's. Let sit down and do some Mathematics first. All of us know (I hope), that Pakatan is made out of three parties. So this 50 percent is distributed among these 3. So the percentage might as well be 20,20,10 or whatever. So kesimpulannya, BN still wins la cause they are 1 not 3 like Pakatan. Masalah diselesaikan. But anyway, they said BN cheated and Pakatan was still suppose to win. 'They' said ar not me!

As most of ya'll know, history was made yesterday at Kelana Jaya (yeah man aku orang KJ), and till  now Malaysian's statisctics punya orang have no idea how to do calculations to estimate the amount of people who were there yesterday. Some say 50,000, some say double; 120 000, some say 1 million. Hello peeps, you know 120 000 is double of 50,000 kan? So how can the estimation lari that much huh?

Anyway, the point is, it's great to see that us Malaysians can still put all our differences aside and come together to create history. I, as the person on the fence was only interested in going to see what it was all about. Due to bad traffic and bad weather, I changed my mind and decided to just witness the event than to be a part of it. I did my research, I asked people who went, who did not, what they thought about the whole epic event. They all have their reason, and I'm glad that it had to do with the whole 'UBAH' concept. That's great. BUT WHYLAH ada orang yang pergi dengan batman suit pulak. Reduces the seriousness of all these people's efforts yo.

Like I said, not gonna take sides and judge, but the venue could have been better. I really pity the stretch of cars that were stuck in LDP , Sunway heading Damansara just because we Malaysians are being the typical Malaysians, sampai can park on the highway. I am not talking about a couple of minutes jam. I am talking about people who are stuck, not moving, leaving their cars just like that and start walking. What if, there's a pregnant woman or a dying citizen on that stretch?  Our actions can indirectly cause lives. I know everyone is excited, being part of a humongous crowd, feeling like your part of something that matters, but let's not forget our common courtesy.

Malaysia has gone a long way. We use to be the minority to others. We stood together united and fought for our independence. Honestly, I like seeing people from my grandparents time. These people were true Malaysians. People always come together only when they have a reason to. Like last time, it was for independence, and the effects were obvious. When people experience a certain event or tragedy together, they are automatically bonded forever, and that is why our grandparents or maybe our parents generation was way difference from what we are  now.

I grew up at my grandparents, their neighbours were both Chinese and Malay. Every Hari Raya, I would be at 'Nenek's house to no avail. Every Chinese New Year I would be whacking cookies at 'Aunty Chew's house. They all conversed in Bahasa Melayu. And then comes Deepavali, same story lah. We all treated each other without seeing colour nor race. That was satu Malaysia for me. As time went by, we forgot the struggles that they made and got used to the comfort of our own lives and cultural practices. We ignore each other, we click more with people from our own races and end up comparing and insulting others. I do not blame anyone, I am only stating the fact. The fact that we are human and we do act according to human nature.

What has happened in this recent time being, is definitely a tragedy, a crisis; as Malaysia's peace is disrupted. I do not like this, no one does, but what to do, we are no longer blinded by everything that has been happening for the past 50 years or so. Thanks tooooooooooooo, honestly, Facebook.

People like me do not read the newspaper. People like me bangun pagi, bukak handphone scroll Facebook baca latest news, and then gosok gigi. With all the negativity going on, who won't be influence. I won't be surprised that half the people who support Pakatan does so because of the influence of Facebook and social media. A friend who did not even know who was the prime minister of Malaysia last month was marching towards the stadium yesterday. Friends, the power of Facebook (and other social media/internet/blablabla of course).

So anyway, the reason I am writing this is because I came back home from work early and I am waiting for my microwave to beep to indicate that my food is ready.

It's great to see that people are ready for change. I like change. But let's take it slow and steady, most importantly let's make it peaceful. I am too lazy to apply for migration.


Food's ready. Stay safe everyone, fight for what YOU believe in, not what other's tell you to.


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